Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There Are Some Questions Jim Lane & Marty Leonard Need To Answer

What you are looking at here is a section of a mailer mailed to Tarrant Region Water District senior citizens, with that section being the section of the mailer which had a letter purporting to be from Fort Worth Mayor, Betsy Price, spreading the lie that a Dallas businessman is trying to do the nefarious deed of taking over Fort Worth's water.

Betsy Price really should be ashamed of herself.

It has now become quite clear that this TRWD board election is going to out-do the previous TRWD board election's level of propaganda smearing spewing from the TRWD incumbent's campaign.

However, I think this election the opponents are going to fight back.

With the facts.

Sometimes facts trump lies. Sometimes.

A series of a few Facebook posts which were posted in response to one of my Facebook posts is, maybe, an indicator of the facts the TRWD incumbents may be about to face....

Jeff Cooper These crooks drained Eagle Mountain Lake and Lake Bridgeport during a multi-year drought to increase property values along the river in Ft.Worth. currently most of the area lakes not under the control of these crooks are filled up with the rain this spring. But Eagle Mountain and Bridgeport have not increased at all, the flood gates are still open. Yet the river downstream from these lakes is full to the bank!

Jayne Marshall Yes, when the true story is TRWD wants to "take" land and Jim Lane is in real estate inflating land value the TRWD wants to buy! Sounds so much like the old Savings & Loan land flips!!!

Craig Bickley That only scratches the surface. Jim Lane also paid $18 million of your tax dollars to buy a property from a bankrupt college buddy that was only valued at $9M. We must put an end to the cronyism.

Jayne Marshall Boy would I like to follow that money!!

Craig Bickley Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be laying it out. The (not so) shocking fact is that the majority of our opponents' donors are people receiving contracts from the TRWD. Ours are from people who will never get a dollar of TRWD.

The incumbent's propaganda makes the bogus claim that a Dallas businessman is financing an attempt to take over Fort Worth's water supply. While the TRWD incumbents get the majority of the funds they are using to spew their propaganda lies from the contractors who win no-bid contracts to do high paying work for the TRWD.

And how does Jim Lane justify his finagling to rescue his bankrupt buddy with $18 million of TRWD funds, to buy a property worth $8 million, on which the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century was built?

If only Fort Worth had a real newspaper doing real investigative journalism, maybe we'd get answers to some of these questions. However, that newspaper was founded by a man who set the tone for that paper, a tone which continues to this day, with Amon Carter being a man who bragged he took a sack lunch with him when he had to do business in Dallas, so as not to spend any lunch money in that evil town.

One thing I'd like to see out in the open, is a thing I have opined about wanting to see previously. That being the record of the TRWD board meeting which led to the decision to hire Fort Worth Congresswoman Kay Granger's son, J.D., to be the Executive Director of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle.

Don't records have to be kept and available to the public of all TRWD board meetings?

I can not be the only person on the planet who would like to read what was said which led to the hiring of a low level county prosecutor to run a big construction project for which he had zero qualifications.

I think the public learning the details of what led to the hiring of J.D. Granger is a particularly pertinent issue in this current TRWD board election, what with the Trinity River Vision now clearly a boondoggle, with little progress after years and years of paying J.D. Granger to be its director.

Unless, as progress, one counts that after 10 years, three small, simple bridges are now under construction, with an astounding four year project timeline.

And, unless one counts as progress spending a lot of money on a bizarre marketing campaign touting an imaginary island and events taking place at the imaginary island's imaginary pavilion.

If J.D. Granger is not held accountable for The Boondoggle's current sad state of slow motion to no motion progress and perverse things like Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats (and other events) in the polluted, brown Trinity River, then who is to be held accountable?

The TRWD board who hired him?

Yes. I think that sounds about right.

Which would mean the right thing for the voters to do would be to fire two of the board members who helped hire J.D. Granger, with those board members being Jim Lane and Marty Leonard, by electing Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner.

And then when the new TRWD board convenes for the first time first thing on the agenda should be the firing of J.D. Granger, followed by the firing of Jim Oliver.......

Monday, March 30, 2015

The Raw Galling Hypopcritical Hubris Of TRWD Propaganda Is Appalling

Yesterday in a blogging titled More TRWD Election Propaganda Lies From Jim Lane, Marty Leonard, Betsy Price & Mike Moncrief I mentioned an article in the Fort Worth Business Press titled Monty Bennett: Businessman, water district activist about which I said I might have more to say later.

Later would be now, a day later.

Judging from the TRWD incumbent's campaign propaganda the main thrust of their argument for re-election is so as to prevent the takeover of Fort Worth's water by an evil Dallas businessman named Monty Bennett.

Ever since I have been at my Fort Worth location in Texas I have been puzzled by the way some of the Fort Worth locals demonize Dallas. From the start of my puzzlement I have assumed the demonizing comes from Fort Worth's, well, inferiority complex. What with Dallas and Fort Worth being sort of twin sisters, with the one sister, Dallas, sort of being the star of the family, both due to notoriety, due to being the scene of the 20th century's most shocking assassination, and later due to being the setting for what was for several years the world's most popular TV show, which led to Dallas having a skyline recognized world-wide, whilst nothing in Fort Worth is recognized world-wide. But, more than any of that, Dallas is just more of an impressive, world class city than Fort Worth is, or likely will ever be.

Hence the attachment of "Dallas" to "businessman" thus turning a businessman into someone to be feared who is up to no good, when in reality Monty Bennett is simply a successful businessman who does business in Texas, including Dallas, including Fort Worth, where he owns two downtown hotels.

But, it holds no traction for the TRWD propaganda spewers to assert that a Texas businessman is trying to take over Fort Worth's water. Or to assert a Fort Worth businessman is trying to take over Fort Worth's water. Or to assert that an American businessman is trying to take over Fort Worth's water.

No. For the sake of propaganda, the TRWD has to demonize a "Dallas" businessman.

Read the Fort Worth Business Press article and you will learn Monty Bennett is simply a man trying to protect his property from TRWD eminent domain abuse, who in doing so found himself confronted by a corrupt board which did not deal in an above board, transparent, ethical manner.

In all my years prior to moving to Texas I had never witnessed eminent domain being used, let alone abused, to take private property. Since I have been in the Eminent Domain Abuse Capital of the World, Tarrant County, I have lost track of the number of outrageous instances of eminent domain abuse.

Northeast Mall needs more parking space? Abuse eminent domain to take people's homes. Now bankrupt Radio Shack needs land for a new corporate headquarters? Abuse eminent domain to boot people from a public housing project. Jerry Jones wants a new football stadium? Abuse eminent domain to take dozens of houses, businesses and displace well over a thousand people.

Those a just a few examples.

Somehow places in America, like Seattle, for instance, or my old home zone of Mount Vernon, are able to build public works projects where, when land is needed, fairly negotiate with the owners to buy their property. Seattle managed to build a new baseball park, football stadium and exhibition hall without using, let alone abusing, eminent domain. And that is in a densely developed area of downtown Seattle, unlike the area Jerry Jones, and his co-horts in eminent domain abuse, took to build a football stadium.

So, Monty Bennett has used his constitution given rights as an American citizen to defend his property from the TRWD's plans. He tried to work with them, for a solution, to no avail.

One paragraph from the FW Business Press article really irritated me....

“Monty Bennett is a Dallas businessman who is spending millions of dollars falsely attacking the Tarrant Regional Water District in an effort to take control of our local water supply,” said TRWD board President Vic Henderson. “He has filed numerous lawsuits against the district, wasting more than $1 million in TWRD taxpayer and ratepayer dollars.”

First off, Mr. Bennett is not attacking the TRWD. He is defending his property from the TRWD. Second off, it is Mr. Bennett's right to defend himself via the courts. Third off, had the TRWD dealt with Mr. Bennett openly and honestly, the TRWD would not have found itself needing to defend itself in court.

But, more than any of that, this Henderson guy complains that Mr. Bennett has caused the TRWD to waste over $1 million? How many millions did the TRWD board waste on its idiotic attempt to take water from Oklahoma? How many millions has the TRWD board wasted on the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle?

I must leave for a followup blogging what I have to say about the TRWD incumbent's embarrassingly hypocritical accusations about Mr. Bennett financing the campaigns of TRWD candidates, Craig Bickley and Michele Von Luckner.

I tell you, the sheer raw galling hypopcritical hubris of these people is just appalling......

Sunday, March 29, 2015

More TRWD Election Propaganda Lies From Jim Lane, Marty Leonard, Betsy Price & Mike Moncrief

On Friday I blogged a blogging titled TRWD Propaganda Targeting Seniors With Evil Dallas Boogeyman Taking Over Fort Worth Scare Tactic in which I verbalized being appalled to learn that the TRWD board election incumbents were actually continuing to use the claim that a Dallas businessman was attempting to take over the Fort Worth water supply by taking over the TRWD board, spreading this propaganda in an apparent attempt to scare senior citizens into voting for the senior citizens who are already on the board.

I learned of this TRWD bogus Dallas boogeyman tactic via Elsie Hotpepper's Great Aunt Hannah Hotpepper who emailed samples of the propaganda that had been showing up in senior citizen's mailboxes.

And then this morning Aunt Hannah's Great Niece, Elsie, emailed me scans of propaganda that has been showing up on some non-senior citizen's doors in the past 48 hours.

Just like with the mailings targeting senior citizens these latest mailings also use as mouthpieces two of Fort Worth's most infamous senior sitizens, Betsy Price and Mike Moncrief.

Do these ethically challenged TRWD  corruptees actually have so little respect for the critical faculties of those who vote that they don't realize most voters will see through the absurdity of raising the false specter of a Dallas boogeyman businessman?

Particularly when serious charges that are actually fact and reality based can be directed at some of the TRWD board members. Coyote Drive-In, anyone?

Currently the Fort Worth Business Press has an article about the Dallas Boogeyman that is based on fact, you know, the truth, of the sort you won't be reading in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram about the imaginary evil Dallas Business Boogeyman, Monty Bennett.

I may blog more about the Fort Worth Business Press article later, but prior to that, if Facts, Truth and the American Way matter to you, read Monty Bennett: Businessman, water district activist.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Drive By A Giant Leaking Orb On The Way To The Tandy Hills & Town Talk

I was back on the Tandy Hills today for the first time in a lot of weeks. Two Saturdays ago, en route to walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park, when I drove by that blue orb you see hovering above the Tandy Hills I was surprised to see a large volume of water cascading down Bridge Street, with the leak looking as if it came from the blue orb.

Two weeks later and the leak is still leaking, in copious amounts. Is the Lawn Whisperer out of town?

The Tandy Hills were much greener today than my last visit, way back when winter was still in town.

At Hoodoo Central at the north end of the View Street trail there was no Hoodoo, just a pile of rocks where a Hoodoo is usually Hoodooing. South of Hoodoo Central, the massive Hoodoo that I saw my last visit is now gone, replaced by several smaller Hoodoos which seemed to be functioning as trail markers, including marking one of two new trails I came upon today.

The first of the new trails served as a sort of bypass link from the View Street trail to the newly installed outdoor auditorium of benches.

The second new trail I came upon today is what you see above, with that marker marking what is called "Wildflower Loop".  It is appropriate that this loop is named as such, due to this open part of the Tandy Hills prairie usually being the most colorful wildflower area.

However, today, I did not seem much color blooming on the Tandy Hills. Are the wildflowers late this year? Were they damaged by the deep freezes, snow and ice of the past 30 days?

Changing the subject from big leaks, new trails and flowers which are not blooming, to something else.

I made an increasingly rare Saturday visit to Town Talk today. It was a good visit. I got two bags of apples from Yakima. That is a town in my old home state of Washington. In addition to a lot of apples I got a lot of tortillas, a big bag of Mayo Cobo beans, extra sharp English cheddar cheese, cauliflower, chicken, carrots, two pumpkin pies and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

A short while ago a knock on the door had me opening it to get delivered a package in which I found Smoked Salmon, sent from someone in Washington who felt I needed a good Washington fix. I may have been doing some whining about feeling homesick.

I am thinking it would be a good idea to open that Smoked Salmon, and pair it with that extra sharp English cheddar, on a cracker or two. But not right now, because I am only an hour past lunch.

Does anyone have the Lawn Whisperer's phone number.........

Friday, March 27, 2015

TRWD Propaganda Targeting Seniors With Evil Dallas Boogeyman Taking Over Fort Worth Scare Tactic

A couple days ago I blogged a blogging titled Why Is The TRWD's Jim Lane Afraid Of An Evil Dallas Businessman's Imaginary Plot To Control An Imaginary Island? in which I made mention of the fact that so far my mailbox had been free of any TRWD election propaganda of the sort that arrived frequently in my mailbox during the last TRWD board election.

In that blogging from a couple days ago the main point had to do with a TRWD board member, currently trying to get re-elected, Jim Lane's, embarrassing quote about an evil Dallas businessman, Monty Bennett, trying to take over the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle and Fort Worth's water supply.

I opined about that by saying, in part, "....are these ethically challenged miscreants actually going to trot out the Dallas Businessman Boogey Man again like they did the last election? Spewing stupid propaganda claiming that an evil Dallas puppeteer, Monty Bennett, was behind a nefarious plot to take over the TRWD."

Well, little did I know, til yesterday, that even as I was typing the above the ethically challenged miscreants had already trotted out their patented evil Dallas businessman propaganda, targeting senior citizens, because, I  assume they vote and are easily scared by an imaginary evil Dallas businessman, who the TRWD propaganda team always fails to mention also owns businesses in downtown Fort Worth in the form of two hotels, the Hilton and the Ashton.

I learned yesterday that the ethically challenged miscreants are actually using this same bogus "scare" tactic via email from Elsie Hotpepper's Great Aunt, Hannah Hotpepper. Elsie Hotpepper's Great Aunt Hannah was married to a Dallas businessman, so she has no great fear of that particular evil.

Aunt Hannah Hotpepper sent me two versions of this evil TRWD mailing, both with the same verbiage, but one signed as if written by Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price with the other signed as if written by Betsy's predecessor, Chesapeake Energy puppet, Mike Moncrief.

It was in second paragraph of this message from two of Fort Worth's best known senior citizens, Betsy and Mike, that I gleaned that this propaganda was being targeted at seniors who I assume the TRWD propaganda-izers assume are easily duped.

The first sentence of that second paragraph...

"As a senior voter, you can vote early by mail for the upcoming May 9th Tarrant Regional Water Board election."

It is in the first paragraph that the specter of the evil Dallas businessman boogeyman is raised...

"Please don't take our local water for granted.  A Dallas businessman is trying to take over our local water board. Don't be deceived by his false attacks against Tarrant Regional Water District. The truth is we have the best water board in Texas."

How many propaganda lies can you spot in the above paragraph? I count three.

And then there's the final paragraph of this fervent plea from Betsy and Mike...

"Unlike other areas of Texas, our water board has planned ahead and secured water for our present and future needs. That's why I'm asking you to join with me in supporting the re-election of our hardworking water board members Marty Leonard and Jim Lane."
Planned ahead to secure water for present and future needs? You mean like when the TRWD board spent millions on a futile, stupid lawsuit trying to take water from Oklahoma? How many millions did the TRWD spend to rescue a bankrupt friend of Jim Lane's, which ended up resulting in the world's first drive-in movie theater of the 21st century?

Has the Coyote Drive-in gone out of business yet?

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Aunt Fancy Says It Is Not Her Fault She Has A Double Chin

This morning one of my nephews, whom I shall not name, emailed me that which you see here.

I thought this was amusing, though the number of chins seems to be off by about three.

That and Aunt Fancy would not be caught wearing a dress in any possible scenario that my meager imagination can imagine.

Other than that.


What Rank Does Betsy Price Hold In The Fort Worth Army?

That is the honorable mayor of Fort Worth, Betsy Price, you are looking at here, looking very stern and serious, with that stern and serious look being totally appropriate, what with the explosive military-like operation Betsy is overlooking.

Yesterday, after I blogged about the TRWD bragging about enabling people to jump in the Trinity River, someone named Anonymous made a blog comment which soon had me watching Betsy Price watching what looked to me like a military operation.

In plain clothes.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Thanks To The TRWD Fort Worth Is The Only Town In Texas Where You Can Jump In A River":

Off topic, but thought you would enjoy seeing our local leaders having a BLAST! Our City, Our Firearms! I guess it raises more $ than a bake sale.

The Anonymous blog comment included a link to a YouTube video which you can watch below.

The local leaders having a BLAST, to which Anonymous refers, in addition to Betsy Price, includes Betsy's predecessor, Chesapeake Energy's puppet,  Mike Moncrief.

In the video Betsy and Mike sing the praises of Fort Worth's army, I mean, SWAT team, which they, of course, believe to be the very best in the nation.

In the video there is some lamenting about the SWAT team being underfunded and needing money. I think this event must  have been some sort of fund raiser, which explains the "bake sale" part of the Anonymous comment.

Don't bullets and bombs cost a lot of money? There are a lot of guns being fired a lot of times during the course of this explosive video.

Does Fort Worth have a big need for a SWAT team army? The only horrific incident I can remember since I've been in Texas which would seem to have been SWAT team worthy was the Wedgewood Baptist Church murder of 7 young people, with an additional 7 injured before the killer Larry Gene Ashbrook killed himself.

The Wikipedia article about this tragedy makes no mention of Fort Worth's SWAT team being involved.

How much does Fort Worth spend on this little army, I can't help but wonder?

I also can't help but wonder if other town's SWAT teams engage in events of the sort you will witness in the video below?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Thanks To The TRWD Fort Worth Is The Only Town In Texas Where You Can Jump In A River

What you see here arrived in my email a couple minutes ago. The person from whom I got this did not inform me as to from whence it came.

The subject line of the email simply said "More Blog Fod For You".

I asked from whence this came and just as I typed More Blog Fod For You a follow up text message informed this was on Facebook,  something to do with a response to a question asked in regards to a TRWD Adopt a Drain Facebook advertisement.

That TRWD entity sure is good at finding new ways to spend money on its advertising propaganda.

Anyway, apparently thanks to the Herculean efforts of the TRWD the Trinity River has magically gone from being a polluted mess of rolling brown sludge to being a pristine crystal clear section of urban river, the only one in the entire state of Texas where a community can jump in and enjoy the refreshing, clean water.

When did San Marcos secede from Texas? I must have missed that news. I rather like San Marcos. Beautiful town on the fringe of Texas Hill Country, a college town which reminds me of Bellingham in my old home zone of Washington.

I was real impressed with Aquarena Springs and the crystal clear San Marcos River which flows from the springs and scenically through the town of San Marcos at a constant 72 degrees.

San Marcos seemed to me to be a city, and thus urban. The locals, and oodles of out of town visitors who visit San Marcos, enjoy refreshing floats in the San Marcos River.

So, how can the TRWD parent of The Boondoggle, with that Boondoggle being the entity which has foisted the embarrassing Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats in the polluted brown waters of the Trinity River, claim that through their efforts they have created the only urban river section in Texas that a community can enjoy jumping in?

I tell you, the sheer raw hubris of these people never ceases  to amaze....

The TRVA Panther Island Boondoggle Wins A Boondoggle Of An Award

Yesterday Elsie Hotpepper directed me to a bizarre article in the Fort Worth Business Press titled Fort Worth's TRVA receives Urban Land Institute award, which you see screen capped here.

I don't know what has happened to the Fort Worth Business Press, but it seems to have become even more of a cheerleading, chamber of commerce, nonsense printing shill than the Star-Telegram.

For those not local, the TRVA is the Trinity River Vision Authority, also known as Panther Island, but known to many simply as The Boondoggle.

This FWBP article says the "Panther Island project, the revitalization of an 800-acre area north of downtown Fort Worth, was honored as the best “Next Big Idea” at the recent inaugural Urban Land Institute North Texas (ULI NT) Impact Awards in Dallas."

Next Big Idea? Revitalizing an 800 acre area? This Big Idea has been Boondoggling along for well over a decade, with very little revitalization to be seen. One can see a lot of property taken by eminent domain abuse. One can see a simple bridge or two supposedly under construction over dry land, creating a big traffic mess. One can see inner tube parties in the Trinity River

"For this award ULI NT sought innovative ideas with the potential to positively impact the quality of life in the North Texas region."

Innovative ideas with the potential to positively impact the quality of life? Is this a reference to The Boondoggle's Rockin' the River Happy Hour Inner Tube Floats?

And then we have an unfortunate J.D. Granger quote...

“We are honored to have our project recognized by such a reputable organization and to have been selected as the winner by our peers. Panther Island is underway now and we are excited to shape the future of Fort Worth.” 

Honored by "our" peers? Apparently there were only two other projects in the running for this extremely prestigious award that had never been awarded before and which no one has ever heard of. The FWBP article makes no mention of what the other two projects were which The Boondoggle was deemed to be better than.

Those other two projects must have been mega-lame, not to be mentioned, and to be beaten by the also mega-lame TRVA Panther Island Boondoggle, where there is no island, where there is no funding to build the proposed project, where three small, simple bridges are being built over dry land with a four year construction timeline, where a local congresswoman's unqualified son was hired to direct the project in the hopes his mother would secure federal earmark pork barrel money to pay for the public works project which the public has never voted on.

One of Fort Worth's most articulate cranky geezers submitted a good comment after he read this FWPB propaganda....

Clyde Picht ·  Top Commenter · Utah State University
A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. In this case it appears that the TRVA is being awarded for two in the bush. It's worth noting that none of the eight major funding elements have been accomplished on time. The original cost estimate of $360M has ballooned to $908M (2009 dollars). And then there is the final insult to taxpayer injury, that being the promise to only spend $26.6M of For Worth residents' tax dollars on the project. That now has escalated to over $350M tax dollars from both bonds and the TIF. The only certainty in this pork barrel project is that JD Granger will have a lifetime job. Some vision! Some award!

Texas Is Finally HOT Enough For The First Swim Of The New Year

My Turquoise Oasis Is Warm Enough For Swimming
In years previous by the Ides of March the temperature has always been sufficiently warm to facilitate a return to my morning swim habit and its resultant endorphins acquired by aerobic stimulation.

This year has been different. Global Warming temporarily bypassed Texas making for the coldest winter since I have been in the Lone Star state.

But, the past several days have been warm, with yesterday getting into the 80s.

And so, this morning I decided to attempt my first swim of the new year to quickly find myself being surprised by how easily I got acclimated to the temperature of the pool, resulting in me having myself a mighty fine time having a mighty fine swim.

I suspect I will repeat this behavior early tomorrow morning. And the morning after that, and many mornings to follow....